2 Inch Plate Swivel Caster Wheels With leveling foot

2 Inch Plate Swivel Caster Wheels With leveling foot

Short Description:

Brand name: YFC

Wheel Size: 2 inch

Type of Wheel: Stem swivel with brake/Rigid/ 360°Rotation

Plate swivel with brake/ 360°

Rotation Plate swivel rigid without brake Load Capacity: 50- 100kg

Delivery Time:3-5 days Service time: 7*24H

Payment term: T/T, Western Union, Paypal

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Introduction of swivel caster wheel

Swivel wheel is used widely for flow rack products and in variety of raw material, size,color and function as well as load capacity. 2 Inch Plate Swivel Caster Wheels With leveling foot is latest generation of plate swivel caster wheel for its renowned leveling feet support and small size, which can reinforce stability and increase flexibility. It can be used in industrial applications like lean pipe storage system, lean logistic turnover system, lean production line system. It is variety of colors. 


Feature 1 Strong shock absorption 

Rubber materials of caster wheel decrease adverse effect of shock absorption and guarantee quietly and smoothly move freely as well.

Feature 2 Stability

Leveling foot support replace brake makes more stable and steady when it needs to stop.

Feature 3 Flexibility

Its small size makes turnover trolley move more smooth and steady to different direction laborsavingly.

Feature 4 Environmental-friendly and eco-friendly

Raw material of caster wheel is free from contamination and can be reused


YFC Technology Service

1.A one-year warranty for products in the normal circumstance and informing us of problems of products when receiving in 3 days  
2.Free sample service for normal products
3.Pre-sales and after-sales 24H*7 days professional and prompt service
4.Offering solution for normal products and customized solution at the same time.
5.Offering OEM service for clients according to your tailored needs
6.Local service for clients in India and Vietnam as well as China currently and more countries like Malaysia will join in local service for clients.

Product Name 2 Inch Plate Swivel Caster Wheels With leveling foot
Type of Wheel Plate swivel
Main Material PVC(wheel)+Steel Sheet(leveling foot)
Wheel Width 28mm
Wheel Diameter 50mm
Height 76mm
Load Capacity 60kg
Color Black/Grey/Red/Customized
Brake Customized
360 degree rotation Customized
Overall Size 35*51mm


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