ABS/PE coated pipe 28mm for Lean Manufacturing /Production/Logistics

ABS/PE coated pipe 28mm for Lean Manufacturing /Production/Logistics

Short Description:

Brand Name: YFC

Material: Cold-rolled steel sheet(SPCC)+ABS/PE coating

Thickness: 0.8mm/1.0mm/1.2mm

Color: Beige/Ivory/Green/Red

OEM Service: Accepted

Delivery Time:1-3 days

Service Time: 7*24H

Payment Term: T/T, Western Union, Paypal

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Product name ABS/PE coated pipe 28mm for Lean Manufacturing /Production/Logistics
Material Cold-rolled steel sheet(SPCC)+ABS/PE coating+ Anti-rust
Length 4 meter per piece or customized length as needed
Thickness 0.8mm/1.0mm/1.2mm
Outer Diameter φ28mm
Color Beige/Ivory/Green/Red
Package 10 pcs per pack
MOQ 1 piece
Application Lean manufacturing line, workbench, turnover cart, rack, flow rack, FIFO system and etc.

What is plastic coated pipe?
Plastic coated pipe is also called as lean tube or lean pipe, which is used widely in manufacturing industry especially electronics manufacturing industry. Plastic coated pipe is consist of cold rolled steel sheet(main material), plastic layer(ABS or PE)(for outside coating) and anti-rust painting(for inner coating) . It can be customized to be ESD coated pipe. And its color can be various like Beige, Ivory, black, green, red, blue and etc.


Feature 1: Multifunctional and Recyclable
ABS/PE coated pipe is also called flexible pipe since it can be easily assemble into various products like pipe rack, flow rack,workshop trolley, industrial workstation or disassemble into different pipe rack products according to be clients’ requirements. At the same time, it is reassemble for many times.

Feature 2: Sturdy and durable Construction  

Thickness 0.8mm Thickness 1.0mm Thickness 1.2mm
Load Capacity 165 kgf Load Capacity 190 kgf Load Capacity 215 kgf
Load Capacity 85 kgf Load Capacity 98 kgf Load Capacity 110 kgf
Load Capacity 78 kgf Load Capacity 89 kgf Load Capacity 100 kgf
Load Capacity 75 kgf Load Capacity 86 kgf Load Capacity 97 kgf
Load Capacity 65 kgf Load Capacity 75 kgf Load Capacity 84 kgf
Load Capacity 55 kgf Load Capacity 61 kgf Load Capacity 70 kgf
Load Capacity 40 kgf Load Capacity 46 kgf Load Capacity 52 kgf
Load Capacity 34 kgf Load Capacity 40 kgf Load Capacity 45 kgf

Technology Process

Cold rolled steel sheet--Clear&Cut--Make it Round--Spraying anti-rust inside--Making the pipe rounder and straight-- Plastic coated(PE/ABS)--Cooling--Cooling again--Cutting the length--Inspection--Packaging

Plastic coated pipe is applied in many industries such as manufacturing industry especially electronics manufacturing,logistic&warehousing industry, its products are like industrial production line, workshop trolley, pipe rack, flow rack, FIFO system, workstation, belt conveyor and other logistic system etc.

industrial workstation
workshop trolley

YFC Technology Service

1.A 10-year warranty for products in the normal circumstance and informing us of problems of products when receiving in 3 days
2.Free sample service for normal products
3.24H*7 days professional and prompt service
4.Offering solution for normal products and customized solution at the same time.
5.Offering OEM service
6.Local service for clients in India and Vietnam currently and more countries like Malaysia will join in local service for clients.
Why Choose YFC Technology
7.18+ years experience of lean flexible production line manufacturing
8.One-stop multifunctional production line solution support
9.Local service in India and Vietnam


1.Are we manufacturer or trade company?
We are manufacturer located in Shen Zhen for more than 18 years with competitive price with stable quality as well as professional and prompt service.
2.what certificate do you have?
We are awarded ISO9001 certificate and operate our factory in strict ISO 9001 management, we also have 20+ patents for certain products.
3.Do we offer OEM service for clients?
Yes, we can offer OEM service for clients according to your tailored needs.
4.Can we offer sample?
Yes, we can offer free sample and you just need to pay for freight charge for the sample.
5.How long will we make production?
It depends on quantity and category of products. It is always on stock for certain products like coated pipe, SUS pipe and so on. It usually takes 7-15 days for delivery time.
6.What after-sale service for our products?
We offer prompt professional service for our clients and please inform us if there is any concern when you receive our products in 3 days. There is 10 years warranty.

Product Name Outsider Diatmeter Wall Thickness Length Material ESD Color Electrical Conductivity Finishing Application Certificate
PE/ABS coated pipe φ28 0.8/1.0/1.2 4M/bar STEEL PIPE+PE/ABS NO Beige/Red/Green/Blue NO PE Lean manufucturing/workbench/storage rack/flow rack/workshop trolley/FIFO storage system ISO9001
ESD pipe coated with PE/ABS 0.8/1.0/1.2 4M/bar STEEL PIPE+PE/ABS YES Black NO PE ISO9001
Stainless  coated  pipe 0.8/1.0/1.2 4M/bar STEEL PIPE+SUS NO Original YES Buffing ISO9001
Stainless steel pipe/tube 0.8/0.9/1.0 4M/bar SUS430/SUS439/SUS201/SUS304/SUS316 NO Original YES Buffing ISO9001
Aluminium round pipe/aluminium round tube 1.2/1.7 4M/bar ALUMINIUM NO Original YES Oxydization ISO9001

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