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Lean management, Accelerated development

Lean management,Accelerated development.China YFC | Yufucheng Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in Shenzhen in 2004, is a Lean pipe joint supplier.Since its establishment until now, we have always stood at the forefront of science and technology. Always focused on the manufacture of lean pipe joint, Powder Coated Pipe,Seamless steel pipe, PVC Coated Pipe, ABS coated Pipe, PE coated steel pipe, Metal joint, Connectors, Caster, wheel, Adjustable feet, and Solid wood splint. lean management    

Now in China Zhuhai, China Guangzhou,China Huizhou and India, Vietnam has branch offices.We will thoroughly implement the company's core philosophy, look for more partners and customers, promote economic development, and win-win cooperation.Yufucheng company in order to exceed customer expectations, Lean management, through employee participation and organizational learning, discover waste, eliminate waste, continue to improve, and strive for excellence in the process of excellence.  


Lean management is a systematic approach to establishing lean thinking for companies using speed as their core competency. Through the implementation of lean changes, companies can increase sales, shorten production cycles, increase production efficiency, and improve product quality. In the process of meeting and exceeding customer expectations, employees are constantly trained to identify problems and solve problems.   The implementation of lean management production methods is a need to improve the competitiveness of enterprises and achieve long-term, good and rapid development.


Faced with a small number of diverse and rapidly changing market demands, traditional mass production methods (our company is also basically a traditional mass production method) have been unable to meet the needs of the market.Lean management methods can not only overcome the problems of mass production methods and inventory, but also quickly find out the hidden defects of production operations and improve the competitiveness of enterprises.Especially in the current situation of such a large crisis, it is necessary for our company to avoid waste, maximize efficiency, create value, and increase efficiency.   In the future, we will march forward and push lean management and lean production to the world.