Lean tube connector coated with black electrophoresis finishing

Lean tube connector coated with black electrophoresis finishing

Short Description:

Brand name: YFC

Thickness: 2.3mm/2.5mm

Conductive electricity: Yes

MOQ: 200 sets

Delivery Time:3-5 days

Service: Drawing and customized solution

Service time: 7*24H OEM Service: Accepted

Payment term: T/T, Western Union, Paypal

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Product name Lean tube connector coated with black electrophoresis finishing
Material: Cold-rolled steel sheet(SPCC)+black electrophoresis
Thickness 2.3mm/2.5mm
Inner Diameter φ28mm
Color Silver/Black
MOQ 200 sets
Application Lean pipe rack system/lean pipe workbench/lean pipe turnover trolley/workshop storage pipe/lean pipe production line


Certificate ISO 9001 and 20+ patents
Conductive electricity Yes

What is lean tube connector
Different from traditional welding technology application, lean tube connector sets enable you to create and modify versatile lean pipe structure,connecting with 28mm dia lean tube, thus can be applied in manufacturing industry like Lean manufacturing line, workbench, turnover cart, rack, flow rack, FIFO system and etc.

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Technical Processing
Cold-rolled steel sheet(SPCC)-Cutting and modeling-Stamping-Polishing-Electrophoresis or chrome plating-Inspection-Packaging

Features of Lean Tube Connector

Feature 1 Flexible and versatile
Consisting with lean tube, lean tube connector can be easily assemble and disassemble into versatile and creative industrial lean pipe products like lean pipe storage rack, warehouse pipe rack,modular pipe rack system, pipe structure rack shelving,pipe flow rack, pipe rack workshop trolley etc

Feature 2 Recyclable and cost-effective
Reusable raw material and eco-friendly production process identify its environmental-friendly and free from contamination characteristic.It can be used for many times with simple and fast operation, thus it is free from contamination.

Feature 3 Improving work efficiency
Simple and fast assembling into different structure realize lean manufacturing into practice thus reduce labor cost and improve productivity

Feature 4 Safety manufacturing
Its polished surface treatment decrease rate of worker injury when manufacturing

Feature 5 Wear-resistance and Anti-corrosion
Surface treatment of chrome plating or Electrophoresis make lean tube connector can have anti-wear and corrosion-resistant performance


YFC Technology Service
1.A 10-year warranty for products in the normal circumstance
2.Free sample service for normal products
3.Offering professional and prompt service
4.Offering solution for normal products and customized solution at the same time.
5.Offering customized service

Why Choose YFC Technology
1.18+ years experience of lean flexible production line manufacturing
2.Local service in India and Vietnam
3.A 9+ technicians R&D Team which can offer customized solution for clients

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