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Metal Joint | Lean Pipe Connector introduction

Application: Metal Joint is used for the angle structure of two Coated Pipe to strengthen the whole, and the metal jointouter diameter of the bar is ф28mm. Product Description: After being cut into strips with 2.5mm cold-rolled plate, it is stamped and made by multiple processes, and then polished and painted.Surge surface treatment. Flexible logistics system, also known as (free combination of production logistics system), is composed of special composite steel pipes-wire bars, metal joints, and special accessories. Flexible, unconventional, reusable, easy to install, beautiful, applied to assembly lines, consoles, turnover vehicles, storage shelves, waiting for frames and many other aspects.


Silver-White Metal Joint HJ-2D
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Silver-White Metal Joint HJ-2D

HJ-2D is a Silver-White Coated "L"-joint.Usually combined with Stainless Steel Pipe and Coated pipe.

Product Specification:

  • Name:Metal Joint HJ-2D
  • Product No.:HJ-2D
  • color:Silver-White
  • Technology:Chrome Coated
  • ESD or not: Yes
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Metal Joint HJ-2D,Coated Pipe Connection

Metal Joint HJ-2D is one of the Powder Coated Pipe Connectors. Metal joints are divided into Black Coated Metal Joint and Silver-White Coated Metal Joint."HJ" refers to a complete set of connectors, "H" represents one piece."m6-25" is the specification of the screw."m6" represents the specification of the nut.HJ-2D is a Silver-White Coated "L"-joint.Usually combined with Stainless Steel Pipe and Coated pipe.

Name: Silver-White Metal Joint HJ-2D
No.: HJ-2D Unit:set
Form: H-2D * 1pcs + H-3D * 1pcs + M6-25 * 2 pcs + M6 * 2 pcs
Color: Silver-White
Packing: H-2D: 200psc/box; H-3D: 100pcs; M6-25: 1000pcs/bag; M6: 2000pcs/bag;
Net Weigh: H-2D: 16.50kg/box; H-3D: 11.00kg/box; M6-25: 6.84kg/bag; M6: 4.1kg/bag;
Gross weight: H-2D: 16.52kg/box; H-3D: 11.12kg/box; M6-25: 6.84kg/bag; M6: 4.1kg/bag;

  Metal Joint HJ-2D Metal Joint HJ-2 Metal Joint HJ-2  

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