• Chrome plated lean pipe joint

    Chrome plated lean pipe joint

    Chrome-plated lean tube connector established with anti-static residential property( ESD), which attach 28mm pipeline to create versatile lean pipe framework utilized in pipe logistic system as well as simply attached by screw and nut to make sure that it can be put toge...
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  • Introduction of PCB Turnover Trolley

    Anti-static turnover trolley is also called PCB turnover trolley, transfer trolley, storage trolley, etc.It is widely used in manufacturing industry of SMT processing, mechanical engineering, automobiles, home appliances, electronics and etc, it is characterized by acid and alkali resistance, oil...
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  • Introduction of India factory

    Introduction of India factory

    Shenzhen Yufucheng Technology Co.,Ltd established its India factory in 2017 to explore India market when many electronic company clients found India factory. As Lean flexible production line manufacturer since 2004, Yufucheng Technology India factory dedicated to multifunctional production line, ...
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  • Annual Conference and Award Ceremony of CMA Electronic (Mobile Phone) lndustry

    Annual Conference and Award Ceremony of CMA Electronic (Mobile Phone) lndustry

    The third annual conference and award ceremony of CMA Electronic(mobile phone) Industry cross China, India and Vietnam was held on 9th Dec,2021,with theme”Persist in bravely to create brilliant future“. ...
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  • Yufucheng Product-leantube connector

    Yufucheng Product-leantube connector

    Different from traditional welding technology application, lean tube connector sets enable you to create and modify versatile lean pipe structure,connecting with 28mm diameter lean tube, thus can be applied in manufacturing industry like Lean manufacturing line, workbenc...
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  • Yufucheng Case-Electronic label

    Yufucheng Case-Electronic label

    Today we will introduce Electronic label which is one of Yufucheng Technology cases , it is cooperated with one clients to create to realize smart storage and warehouse. Electronic label is consist of electronic label picking system, robotic automatic access system,modul...
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