Chrome plated lean pipe joint

Chrome-plated lean tube connector established with anti-static residential property( ESD), which attach 28mm pipeline to create versatile lean pipe framework utilized in pipe logistic system as well as simply attached by screw and nut to make sure that it can be put together in different structure easily,which different from traditional welding technology application, thus can be applied in manufacturing market like Lean manufacturing line, workbench, turn over cart, rack, circulation rack, FIFO system and etc.

Its technical process is Cold-rolled steel sheet( SPCC)- Cutting /modeling/Stamping/Polishing Electrophoresis or chrome plating-Inspection-Packaging

It is characterized by four features,Feature 1 is flexible and versatile.Being composed with lean tube, lean tube connector can be quickly assembled and dismantled into flexible and creative lean pipe products like pipe rack,pipe shelf, modular pipe rack system, pipe shelving, pipe flow rack,workshop trolley etc;feature 2 is recyclable and affordable.Pollution-free basic material and eco-friendly production process identify its environmental-friendly and without contamination characteristic.It can be utilized for many times with basic and short-time procedure.Feature 3 is improving work efficiency.
user-friendly and short-time operation lower downtime time and labor cost;Feature 4 is safety production.Its brightened surface minimize possibility of worker injury when production;Feature 5 is wear-resistance and anti-corrosion.Surface treatment of chrome plating or electrophoresis make lean tube connector can have anti-wear and corrosion-resistant performance.

Shenzhen Yufucheng Technology has started lean manufacturing products especially lean tube and its connectors since 2004,It is the first manufacturer for lean tube connector during which progressive die is applied to manufacturing process of lean tube connectors. Lean tube/pipe and its application are also our main products like pipe rack, pipe workbench and etc.  So if you wanna more detail about products, please go to products part of our official website or contact us if you have any concern.

Post time: Jul-04-2022