Yufucheng Case-Electronic label

Today we will introduce Electronic label which is one of Yufucheng Technology cases , it is cooperated with one clients to create to realize smart storage and warehouse. Electronic label is consist of electronic label picking system, robotic automatic access system,modular-designed inclined-wheel stacking system and integration controlling WS software system,which different modules function differently. Electronic label light picking system is for accurately and reliably processing orders, robotic automatic access system works for intelligent storage and warehousing and modular-designed inclined-wheel stacking system functions for utilization of space besides, integration controlling WS software system works for improving whole logistic efficiency which conforms with human engineering goods-to-person workstation for easier and comfort operation . Easy operation can reduce labor reliance and realize real-time control of dynamic zone management for storage and warehousing. Quantity of products can be counted anywhere anytime. The function that leaving space for expansion and contraction in terms of size and function according to the modular structure of the system, can not only face challenge of specification change and varies seasonally in the short term,but also realize expansion of software and apparatus system.


Yufucheng Technology Electronic label is combination of hardware and software as well as supporting solution to solve problem of traditional picking and sorting like long time of sorting, many mistakes of sorting, much labor of operation, much reliable on skilled workers, many forms, mistake of sorting quantity, incorrect data statistics as well as improper batch management and etc. Besides, electronic label can be customized according to clients and we also offer customized solution as well. It is used widely in industry like electronics,E-commerce,fresh cold chain,Jewelry, convenience store, machine and etc.


After many years’Yufucheng Technology has gained renowned clients like TCL, MIDEA, FLEXITRONICS, TRANSSION, CATL, DELTA,OPPO, VIVO and etc. These clients also purchase other products like multi-function production line like belt conveyor, roller conveyor, plug-in conveyor, double chain conveyor, lean tube system(such as stainless steel pipe, lean tube, aluminium tube), lean tube connector system, lean tube workbench, turnover trolley, pipe rack and etc.


Post time: Feb-26-2022