Yufucheng Product-leantube connector

Different from traditional welding technology application, lean tube connector sets enable you to create and modify versatile lean pipe structure,connecting with 28mm diameter lean tube, thus can be applied in manufacturing industry like Lean manufacturing line, workbench, turnover cart, rack, flow rack, FIFO system and etc.


As the first manufacturer for metal connectors who adopt progressive die to manufacturing process of metal connectors, Yufucheng Technology has much experience for producing metal connectors.and obtains more than 10 patents for it and passed ISO 9001 at the same time.
In order to make sure to connect lean tube sturdily and serve long time, load capacity is attached importance to. One layer with four connectors and four lean pipe can bear 80-200kg. There are various kinds of lean pipe connector like multi connector outer type,connector outer type , connector outer type 45°,general connector(double),free connector outer type,parallel connector,connector inner type and etc. Besides, main material of metal connector is cold-rolled steel sheet(SPCC). It can be divided into two kinds of metal connectors according to its surface finishing-metal connector with black electrophoresis finishing and metal connector with chromatic plating finishing. Metal connector with chromatic plating can be electric conductive. It can be compatible with dia 28mm lean tube whether its thickness is 0.8mm or 1.0mm or 1.2mm. Standard thickness of metal connector is 2.3mm or 2.5mm and can be customized.
Its manufacturing process is to cut and model cold-rolled steel sheet and then to stamp and polish formed steel, finally to plate chrome or electrophoresis finishing. It will be packed if inspecting to be qualified. The whole manufacturing process conforms to scientific ISO9001 quality management system and comply with 5S site management as well.
As pioneer of metal connector manufacturer, Yufucheng Technology wanna offer best service and products to our clients. So it not only manufactures metal connector, but also multifunctional production line and its accessories as well as solution . Yufucheng Technology establishes India office and Vietnam to offer convenient local service for global clients.Yufucheng Technology’s slogan- Made in world and make the world,inspires itself to move on with quality and innovation orientation.

Post time: Feb-26-2022