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Yufucheng Technology Co., Ltd.’s Coated Pipe,Powder coated steel pipe and Lean Pipe’s cost target is no longer determined by the maximization of profit, but is oriented to a wider and deeper internal cost, and thus to the supply chain cost and lean cost.

Enterprises must do a good job in cost management under the Lean model, and they must focus on the following points:

1, Take the principle of “high quality, high efficiency, low cost, and zero inventory” as the basic goal, and establish a systematic lean cost management idea.

2, From the product life cycle management.

3, All employees participate in full-cost management and fully mobilize their enthusiasm and creativity.

4, Strengthen the dynamic control of the budget beforehand, the control during the event, and the assessment after the event.

5, Should try to pull the production system from the back to the front, to achieve timely, appropriate, suitable product production, in the necessary time to produce the necessary number of necessary products.In the pursuit of maximizing the elimination of all waste, we continuously meet the needs of our customers.

6, To create a corporate lean management culture.

Yufucheng Technology Co., Ltd.,  adhere to the above lean production, lean management philosophy, never forgets the idea of ​​the initial stage, and has consistently adhered to the following lean philosophy, which allows the production of lean products such as Powder coated steel pipe, lean tubes and casters to maximize profits and minimize costs.

Published by adminMar 20,2019

Characteristics of PE powder coated pipe...

1. Simplicity: The PE Powder coated pipe uses the simplest industrial production concept that is easy to understand. The instrument assembled with the Powder coated pipes does not have to consid...

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Published by adminMar 08,2019

Properties of 28mm Plastic coated tube

The 28mm Powder coated tube series can only be used indoors if not specified. The temperature in normal use environment is -10 °C to 50 °C (15 to 120°F); it should be noted that when the temperature o...

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Published by adminMar 04,2019

What Is Powder Coated Pipe?

Powder Coated Pipe is also called PE coated pipe or Lean pipe. It is by the high quality steel tube after the surface treatment, has the plastic resin coating the welded steel tube. The outer surface ...

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Published by adminDec 20,2018

The best Powder Coated Pipe Suppliers in...

Now powder coated tube series products are more and more widely used, it is favored and welcomed by more and more people.  Powder coated pipe is also called PE coated pipe, Plastic coated pipe, ABS c...

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Published by adminMar 24,2018

Coated pipe factory, YFC|Yufucheng Techn...

Happy New Year for you. Coated pipe factory: China Shenzhen Yufucheng Technology Co., Ltd. celebrates the New Year and all employees have a great meal. Work harder in the coming year.This is the photo...

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Published by adminMar 07,2018

WHAT IS “PE/PVC/ABS Coated Pipe”?

WHAT IS “PE/PVC/ABS Coated Pipe”? PE/PVC/ABS Coated Pipe is also called Lean Pipe and Powder Coated Pipe. It is a welded pipe with a plastic resin coating after surface treatment of high-quality stee...

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