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WHAT IS “PE/PVC/ABS Coated Pipe”?

0 Published by admin Apr 25,2020

WHAT IS "PE/PVC/ABS Coated Pipe"?

PE/PVC/ABS Coated Pipe is also called Lean Pipe and Powder Coated Pipe. It is a welded pipe with a plastic resin coating after surface treatment of high-quality steel pipes. The outer surface is made of a plastic layer of PE, ABS, ESD, or PVC. PE/PVC/ABS Coated Pipe is a system that has existed for several decades in some form or another, primarily in factories and businesses through southeast Asia. It was developed out of the "lean manufacturing" philosophy that became popular through the second half of the 20th century. Its purpose is to give users the ability to quickly build a workstation or other piece of equipment that suits their specific needs, then quickly re-assemble it when needs change. It is designed to provide as much load-bearing strength as possible while also keeping adaptability. PE/PVC/ABS Coated Pipe

Why choose PE/PVC/ABS Coated Pipe over other building methods?

  1. Simplicity. PE/PVC/ABS Coated Pipe only involves cutting and bolting. No threading, welding, painting, etc.
  2. Flexibility. It supports a huge number of adapters and features to build just about anything.
  3. Durability. PE/PVC/ABS Coated Pipe is designed to support heavy loads.
  4. Affordability. It does all this at a much better price point than most other professional parts systems.
(Please see "comparing building methods" at the bottom of this page for more information.)

Why choose Yufucheng over other PE/PVC/ABS Coated Pipe companies?

  1. We"re easy - just order from our website and we ship right to you.
  2. We"re flexible - you can get small or large orders and bulk discounts without a professional account. Most companies require you to get large quantities or have a corporate account.
  3. We"re competitive - nobody offers a better price.
  4. We"re available - to answer your questions or help with the build process.
PE/PVC/ABS Coated Pipe

Comparison of PE/PVC/ABS Coated Pipe to other materials:

Below is a list of common building material, from most common/least expensive to most professional and expensive, explaining their pros and cons versus using PE/PVC/ABS Coated Pipe.

Wood: Pros: Inexpensive, too plenty. Cons: Requires a lot of processing, easy to damage, not durable.

PVC pipe: Pros: Inexpensive, water-resistant, low weight. Cons: Soft texture, easy to shake.

Steel pipe: Pros: Strong, commonly found Cons: Difficult to cut and thread, not many options for attachments, very heavy, Easy to rust.

Copper pipe: Pros: Resistant to corrosion, unique attractive look Cons: Very expensive, not able to support much weight.

Aluminum profile:Pros: It can bear a lot of weight, It looks pretty solid. Cons: It"s too expensive. It scratches easily.

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