Speed Chain Conveyor for Production Line Assembly

Speed Chain Conveyor for Production Line Assembly

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Introduction of speed chain conveyor 

The speed chain conveyor is widely used for material delivery in the assembly and processing production line. The conveying principle is to use the speed increasing function of the speed chain to make the tooling plate supporting the goods run quickly,

and stop at the corresponding station by the blocking cylinder; or through the corresponding instructions to complete accumulating, transferring, assembling and other functions. It can move items that can not be transferred on roller or belt conveyors like irregular-shaped heavy items. It is applicated widely in various industry like electric and electrical, electro-mechanical production lines, computuer monitor production line, computer mainframe assembling line, laptop assembling line, air condition production line, TV assembling line,microwave assembling line, printer assembly line, fax assembling line and etc.

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Feature of speed chain conveyor 

1.Chain is used for traction and transfer of goods, its raw material can be Sleeve roller conveyor chain or others.

2.It has high load capacity with heavy weight goods

3.Good can be delivered accurately at stable speed

4.It is easy to accumulate and transfer goods,which used for assembling production line or material storage and transfer.

5.It can performs well even at hostile environment like high-temperature,dust and etc.

6. it has good appearance with low-noise with multi-function and automation

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Parameter of Speed Chain Conveyor

1.Width: can be customized at 250-900mm

2.Height: normally 750mm, can be OEM at 500-1000mm

3.Length: 30-40m at maximum

4.Transfer Speed: 2-20m/min

5.Chain: single speed chain/2.5times speed chain/ triple speed chain

6.Tooling Plate: steel plate,plastic plate, wood plate and etc.

7.Frame Material: aluminium, carbon steel

8.Charged set: conductive wheel is installed. Conductive bar is set on tooling plate to realize conductive transfer and test function.

Yufucheng Technology Service

1 year warranty period for core components and machine at under normal circumstance

7*24H online technical support with 8-engineers technical team and also offer on-site technical according to clients’ requirement.

Offering local Service in India and Vietnam and will have more local service in other countries in the near future.

Offering OEM service

Offering export service like ordering vessel, certificate of origin and etc.

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