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YFC | Yufucheng Company Culture, lean product management

Core of enterprise: Fully promote lean production.  The core concept of lean production is also the lean production management idea, which is lean thinking. Through the overall optimization of the production process, improve the technology, streamline various processes, eliminate excessive production, eliminate inefficient labor and waste, and fully and effectively use eachSeek resources, reduce costs, improve quality, and achieve maximum output with minimal investment.  

Corporate culture: Lean production. Integrity, practicality, quality, first-class!  

Business philosophy: Lean production. The pursuit of excellence is endless, with the times into the future!  

Values: Lean production. The pursuit of value is the starting point of our work and the creation of value is the driving force of our lives.Realizing value is our constant pursuit!  

Entrepreneurial Passion: Lean production. Life's pursuit of no end, since ancient times love fight will win!  

Entrepreneurial motivation: Lean production. Do business with love, and be grateful!  

Work objectives: Lean production. To dig into customer resources is the foundation of work, and cooperation and interaction are the process of our work;cost savings, profit maximization, quality service, and advancing with the times are the focus of our work, and a win-win result is the result of our work.  

Team concept: Lean production. The goal is the same, the weight is leading, tacit trust, risk sharing. The company advocates team spirit of the geese.Creating the most competitive quality plate company is the common goal of Linsteel.In the process of achieving this goal, everyone should be loyal to their own team, bravely take heavy burdens, exert their potential,work hard, and strive to be the leader in the team; trust each other, tacit cooperation,willingness to contribute, conquest,In the fierce market competition, it beats the waves, tackles difficulties, and finally realizes the value of one's own life while achieving the strategic goals of the company's development.

Lean production    

Innovative ideas: Lean production. Continuous Innovation Tolerance Failure. Continuous innovation is the source and driving force for the survival and development of enterprises. To create the most competitive plate boutique enterprises, we must create a strong atmosphere of innovation, and always support staff innovation, innovation technology, innovation management, innovation system, and innovation environment;Failures in work must be understood, tolerated, and encouraged,so that innovation becomes a quality, a spirit, and a fashion.  

Talent Concept: Lean production. People adapt their position. As long as you are willing and able to work hard and actively contribute to your business, you need talented people.In the selection of talents, the first consideration is personnel knowledge and skills and job requirements, so that the two achieve the best combination,maximize the expertise and ability of each employee.Quality Concept: High Standards Refined Zero Defects High standards, refinement, and zero defects are basic requirements for employees and basic work attitudes for employees.High standards are the prerequisites, refinement is the basic requirement, and zero defects are the ultimate goal.The three are interlocking and indispensable.  

Marketing concept: Lean production. Create value for users and win friends for business. In the 21st century marketing, the “create value for users” advocate is not a simple purchase and sale connotation, but it is necessary to work hard to create values ​​for users that are not available or available to other users so that they become repeat customers.Eventually become a business friend.  

Safety concept: Lean production. Life is priceless, security is heaven. Life is only once for everyone. We should respect life and cherish life.Safety first, prevention as the main; safety is the essential need and inevitable requirement of production and management. Only when the life safety of employees is effectively guaranteed and the normal operation of equipment and facilities can be guaranteed, can the company develop continuously,healthily, and harmoniously.  

Integrity concept: Lean production. Slim, Lide, Keeping Honor, Retaining Name. Self-cultivation is through continuous learning of various cultural knowledge and professional skills to improve their overall quality; Lide is to strengthen self-cultivation and establish a good moral trend; to maintain integrity is to strictly abide by the rules and regulations of the party discipline, political discipline and the enterprise, honesty and self-discipline,Can afford to seduce people to do things in a clear and clean way and have a good reputation among the masses.