Lean management methoden, Lean Tube Test Report

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Lean management methoden,Lean Tube Test Report

Lean management methoden, pipe Supplier, Yufucheng Technology Co., Ltd,Specializing in the production of Lean Tubes and Joints for 14 years.

As a senior Lean Pipe Supplier, we always put quality first.

Quality supervision of all products produced by the company.

All products are sent to the testing center for quality or anti-static testing.

Lean Pipe has gone through the first generation of the second generation and the third generation,

and now we have developed an improved fourth generation Lean Pipe.

Each generation of products has undergone rigorous testing,

quality is qualified, and customers are less concerned.

YFC | Yufucheng Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in Shenzhen in 2004,

is a design, production and sales of lean pipe series, Powder Coated Pipe series,Stainless steel pipe series, Metal joint series,Connectors series, Caster series, Wheel series, Adjustable feet series, Solid wood splint series, Seamless steel pipe, PVC Coated Pipe, ABS coated Pipe, PE coated steel pipe, such as a full range of more than 100 kinds of products Comprehensive enterprise and Lean Pipe Supplier.

Yu Fu Cheng Technology Co., Ltd. has more than 20 senior experts team to provide high quality for domestic and foreign customers., efficient service.

With 10 years of excellent manufacturing service experience and complete set of advanced production equipment, with strong production capacity, perfect quality, advanced and mature production technology for you to create first-class on-site operations so you worry-free!

Our Lean Pipe Supplier manufacturing plants, located in China (Shenzhen) and India are governed by consistent quality systems with ISO 9001:2008 certifications.

As a professional Lean Pipe Supplier,Our main products are wildly application for using on the modern industrial cheap replica omega fields, energy saving office, warehouse logistics racking system, production conveying line, shops shelving system display racking system, living room shelving system, etc.

You can rely on us for products and services that are comprehensive in range, reliable in quality, accessible in location, and backed up by our many years of experience and expertise.

Lean Pipe Supplier YFC | Yufucheng company have gained a global sales network reaching China, Israel, Brazil, Singapore, Mexico,Vietnam, India ect. Clients include Flextronics, Siemens, Jabil, BYD, etc.

To give customers the fastest and most accessible products and services. YFC, your preferred partner in the industrial world.ESD Test Report

ESD Test Report ESD ESD Test Report ESD Test Report

Yufucheng"s casters and lean pipe(tube), powder coated pipe(tube) have received quality inspection calibration certificate.  

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